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All organisations are fundamentally in the business of behaviour change. But how well does your organisation understand behaviour?

In “The B-Word”, Deloitte’s global Behaviour First leader James Healy explores how organisations can use a better understanding of human behaviour to address some of their most pressing challenges.

Featuring leading figures from social and behavioural science discussing a diverse range of topics, the B-Word is a fascinating exploration of what it means to be human and how organisations can better understand and influence behaviour.

In a world where so many of the biggest challenges – and opportunities – for individuals, organisations, and society come down to changing behaviour, can you afford not to understand it?

Jun 15, 2022

What does hybrid working mean for employee wellbeing? What really makes us happy at work? How do organisations maintain culture in a virtual world? What does inclusive leadership look like? And can Behavioural Science help you ask for a pay rise?

As we emerge from a 2 year experiment in virtual working, the world of...

Mar 21, 2022

How can organisations overcome silos? What impact do group dynamics have on leadership? Do Canadians really prefer maple syrup? In this episode James talks to Dominic Packer about the impact of group identities on behaviour and what that means for organisations and societies.

Feb 16, 2022

What makes ordinary people do terrible things? Can social influences really change behaviour?  And what was Katharine Hepburn's profound behavioural insight?  

In this episode James talks to Omar McDoom about his fascinating and troubling research into the Rwandan genocide.

Jan 13, 2022

How can we make our organisations more human? Is human behaviour really just an elaborate plumbing problem? What can Depeche Mode teach us about human nature? In this episode James is joined by Dilip Soman to talk about behaviourally-informed organisations, what HR can learn from marketing and engineering, the role...

Dec 15, 2021

Every organization is fundamentally in the business of behaviour change. Why do they find it so hard? What can organisations learn from an academic discipline usually associated with exotic tribes? How did an expert knowledge of Tajik wedding rituals help predict the Global Financial Crisis? What does WWE wrestling tell...